Recording Gear

ART USB DualPre (Interface) OUT OF STOCK$89.00
Antares AVP-1 Auto Tune / Mic ModelingAntares AVP-1  Auto Tune / Mic Modeling$250.00
ART USB Mix (Interface) OUT OF STOCK$99.00
Audio Technica 2020$149.00
Digitech IPS 33 Smart Shift (vintage)Digitech IPS 33 Smart Shift (vintage)$80.00
Scarlett Studio-2 (By Focusrite) out of stock$239.00
Shure Beta 57 $139.99
Shure Beta 58$159.99
Shure SM 57 $99.90
Shure SM 58 $119.00
Shure PGA52 / Kick Mic$110.00
Kick mic stand heavy base blk $46.95